About Us

About a thousand years ago, a group of elite warriors called Berserkers existed. Before each battle these warriors would ingest a drink that was made from the blood of wolves, alcohol, and a variety of hallucinogenic substances. The drink was said to give them superhuman strength and endurance and allowed them to fight in an uncontrollable trance–like fury. These warriors would literally destroy anything and everything in their path and were the most feared group of warriors Europe has ever known.

After seeing many athletes of all ages consuming junky energy drinks loaded with sugar and carbonation, we set out to create a drink that is healthier than the other energy drinks on the market. It would also carry on spirit of the Berserkers drink and provide the user with great energy, focus, and endurance making it the ultimate energy drink for athletes.

Berzerk Energy is committed to bringing the very best products so you dominate the competition like the Berserkers did on and off the field. And we can promise you it tastes a whole lot better than what the Berserkers drank.